Product Design & Engineering
as a Service

Liberty Technology Solutions offers a contract product design and engineering as a service. With 100+ collective years of product design experience, our Mechanical, Electronics, Firmware and Software team are proven strategic partner that delivers integrated engineering solutions from project management, analysis, design, prototyping, production and sustaining.

Our mission is to deliver a high quality and innovative Mechanical, Electronics, Firmware and Software solutions that performs to your expectations.

Project Management

15+ years of experience in multi-million dollars product design and concurrent engineering – decreases product development time and the time to market, leading to improved productivity and reduced costs

Mechanical Design

Various ruggedized mechanical design (coiled tubing, packers, downhole actuators, composite antennas), machining and fabrication drawings, rapid prototyping (mechanical components), FEA, solid modeling, solid & fluid mechanics, materials
Electronics Engineering Design

Electronics Design

High Temperature Electronics, Hybrid Microelectronics (MCM – Multi Chip Module), Analog, Digital, Sensor and Power Electronics, Control Systems, Telemetry/Communications, FPGA, Schematic, PCB layout, BOM, Prototype Assembly, Mass Production

Firmware & Software Design

ARM, TI, Microchip, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Python, Django, Linux SQL, C#, Javascript
Firmware & Software Engineering Design
Web & Mobile App Design

Web, Cloud & Mobile Apps Design

Frontend, Backend & Database — React, Angular2, Node.js, Python, Django, Flask, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Apollo, Redis, React Native, Ionic

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