Industrial IoT Solutions

Digitization – the process of transforming information into digital form – is a key activity for every organization that wants to succeed in the long run in today’s conditions. By digitizing, smart organizations gain a competitive advantage through dramatically improving their efficiency, productivity, customer experience, and creating new sources of revenue.

The concept of the Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT) is very closely linked to digitization. The implementation of Industrial IoT technologies allows digitized information to be transferred to a single place, where it becomes the basis for other tasks – visualization, machine learning and decision making.

The latest IoT Signals report published by Microsoft indicated that 91% of companies that implemented Industrial IoT in their plants increased their efficiency, 91% increased their production, and 85% improved the quality of their processes, services or productsAccording to the analysis, up to 94% of companies should be using Industrial IoT within two years.

However, the smooth adoption of Industrial IoT is often hampered by several factors, and the most common challenges are:

  • Complexity and technological barriers
  • Lack of budget and staff capacity
  • Lack of knowledge about digitization, technology, and Industrial IoT 
  • Security concerns
  • Absence of a suitable Industrial IoT solution

Liberty Technology Solutions provides Industrial IoT solutions that can gradually dispel these concerns with our micro-power electronics and low-power wide area network (LPWAN) technologies. Our ability to digitize quickly, securely, and at an affordable price is a key aspect to your organization’s success.


Liberty IoT Dashboard
IoT in Manufacturing

Monitoring the performance and efficiency of machines

IoT technologies have brought us the ability to monitor and control manufacturing productivity on machines for which it had once been impossible. Manufacturing data can be obtained in several ways, for example by connecting to a PLC via digital and analog outputs or RS-485 interface, by monitoring LED indicators with phototransistors, by vibration monitoring or Hall probes.
The result is accurate information on downtime in manufacturing, number of pieces manufactured, process compliance, or current OEE.

Monitoring conditions in working environment

Too high a temperature, relative humidity, or dust – all this can affect the resulting quality of products and services. New IoT technologies have made it possible to measure these and other conditions easily and efficiently without cabling. They find use in monitoring ideal conditions for food storage, or in industry where the corrosion of materials and products can be now be prevented. Also measured in the same way are a host of other physical quantities – dust particles, carbon dioxide, or volatile organic compounds.

IoT for Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Long-term monitoring of machines, equipment, and the environment can identify anomalous behavior and promptly prevent unexpected manufacturing downtime. You can monitor vibration, engine temperature, and other information in couple of minutes and decide on maintenance priorities based on data instead of relying only on preventive or reactive maintenance. The technologies of the Internet of Things have made it possible to obtain data efficiently and send it immediately to the Internet for evaluation.

Wireless Push-Button System

By placing a wireless push-button system at the factory, you can significantly speed up and streamline processes. Pressing the button can call the operator, report a fault, or record the number of defective pieces in manufacturing. IoT and its technologies have given us the ability to place button devices anywhere and change their location as needed.

IoT Wireless Push-Button System
IoT Consumption Monitoring

Consumption Monitoring

IoT technologies have made it possible to remotely monitor energy consumption even from places that are not covered by an Internet connection via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. You can easily get consumption data for a selected system and look for opportunities for optimization.

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