Product Design & Engineering
As A Service

Liberty Technology Solutions is a world leading Product Design and Engineering as a Service company with a proven track record of developing successful products. We help our clients to design smart products, maximize customer satisfaction and bring more profit by delivering innovative technologies and value-added services.

Problems We Solve

Your company just received a huge investment, so congratulations! But now you have to deliver what you have promised. You’re struggling because building a team with multi-discipline, skilled engineers is difficult for startups and small businesses, considering the competitive advantage that larger enterprises have in terms of higher salaries and better employee benefit.

You have an innovative idea, but cannot afford to hire a full-time multi-discipline, skilled engineers.

You have a talented product design team, but they occasionally make mistakes that end up costing you a lot of money. You wish you have more budget to hire experienced engineers to allow an independent design review.

If you’re facing any of these major challenges in product design, call Liberty Technology Solutions to help you solve them.

Problems we solved


Industries We Serve

Our Product Design Team is experienced in Harsh Environment Design – High Temperature Electronics, Rugged Mechanical Assemblies, High Pressure, High Shock And Vibration – for Oil & Gas Downhole Equipment.
However, we also design products for use in various other industries – Consumer Electronics, Internet Of Things (IoT, IIoT), Automotive, Space, and Medical.

Solutions We Offer

Product Design and Engineering as a Service
Liberty Technology Solutions provide integrated solutions from requirement analysis to product design to prototyping and to production. We have 100+ collective years of design experience with key expertise in project management, mechanical design, electronics design, FPGAfirmware & software design, and web, cloud & mobile apps design.
As the one-stop shop for your new product design, Liberty Technology Solutions works with our partner machine shops and contract manufacturers to build your prototypes and transition the prototype to mass production.
Manufacturing as a Service
Liberty Technology Solutions support the entire product development life cycle including sustaining. Whether you need to improve product quality, upgrade existing products, or to re-engineer legacy products, Liberty Technology Solutions can provide a solution that allows you to achieve your goals.

Liberty Technology Solutions provides Customized Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) services to your organizations to succeed in digital transformation and gain a competitive advantage through dramatically improving your efficiency, productivity, customer experience and creating new sources of revenue.

We provide the Best Services in the Industry

We’d love to know if there’s an opportunity for us to help you design smart products, maximize customer satisfaction and bring more profit!